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Paul Austin is a prominent public speaker, author, and entrepreneur in the psychedelic space. In 2015, he founded The Third Wave, an online education and resource platform for psychedelic drugs and microdosing. Austin has dedicated himself to changing the culture and conversation around psychedelics. The ultimate goal is to help people realize their full potential. He uses science, research, and education as the foundation for self-optimization. Austin also emphasizes the importance of creating online psychedelic communities for support and knowledge sharing. He encourages engagement and conversation about psychedelics with thought leaders, people in business and industry, and others.

Convinced by the First-Hand Experience

Austin describes himself as, “part social entrepreneur, part psychedelic advocate.” His inspiration for teaching others about microdosing came after reading “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide” by Stanford psychologist James Fadiman. From this, Austin designed his own 7-month LSD microdosing protocol. The experience left him with the ability to learn quickly, gave him easier access to flow states, and improved his sense of total presence.

He also experienced positive fundamental changes in his personality, transforming him from a life filled with social anxiety. He says, “I noticed it was easier for me to connect with people and engage, and when I was working on projects a lot of times when I was waking up in the morning [before starting to microdose] there’d be this built-in resistance to creativity. When I was microdosing that wasn’t there — I just wanted to dig into it.” Austin uses his positive microdosing experiences and those of others to remove the stigma modern culture has placed on psychedelics and to advocate for more research into their benefits.

Professional Life

His first entrepreneurial project was TOEFL Speaking Teacher (TST). The platform prepares people planning to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. The test is required for non-native speakers entering English-speaking universities and some professional organizations. Austin sold TST to a colleague and moved on to a new project—creating The Third Wave.

Austin explains that the ‘first wave’ of psychedelics was their indigenous use by people for thousands of years. The ‘second wave’ happened with the use of psychedelics in the 1960s and 1970s counter culture. Now, he says, the ‘third wave’ has come because of cannabis legalization and renewed interest and research on psychedelics. Austin says this wave will change the mainstream paradigm about the use of psychedelics.

The Third Wave website receives over 500,000 visitors a month. It focuses on psychedelic education, microdosing resources, and community resources. There are long-form psychedelic guides covering history, research, effects, and myths. The substance guides include the familiar LSD, psilocybin, cannabis, and mescaline, as well as kambo (frog secretion), kratom (tropical evergreen), and datura (nightshade).

The website also houses Austin’s current and archived Podcasts and blog posts. The podcasts cover a variety of psychedelic topics including history, medical use, drug policy, and psychospiritual development. The blog posts written by Austin, his staff, and guest bloggers discuss microdosing, legal issues, medical applications, and history of the psychedelics, among many other topics.

Microdosing Coach and Truffle Retreat

Rolling Stone calls Austin “the world’s first online LSD microdosing coach.” He offers 30-minute microdosing consulting sessions via Skype. Or, people can sign up to take his full microdosing course through The Third Wave website. The course includes access to an online support community. Website visitors will also find microdosing guides specific to LSD, psilocybin, DMT, etc. There’s also a link to order Austin’s book, “Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life” from Amazon.

In 2017, Austin co-founded a 3-day psilocybin truffle retreat in Amsterdam called Synthesis, the first of its kind in the world. The focus of the retreat is on personal development, creativity, and self-actualization. Participants learn to integrate their experiences through the Microdosing and Integration workshop. They also receive lifetime access to the Synthesis Inner Circle which offers professional support and networking opportunities.

More information is found on Paul Austin’s personal website, his LinkedIn profile, Twitter feed, and The Third Wave website.

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