Zoe Helene


Zoe Helene is a classically trained artist, environmentalist, and cultural activist. She is best known for educational advocacy work championing women’s empowerment through the safe and legal use of psychedelic plants and fungi. She is also known for the term Psychedelic Feminism which she coined and has become a popular hashtag on social media. Her biography describes the core focus of her work this way:

“Zoe’s personal work with sacred plants continues to deepen her determination to help protect the earth’s diverse biological abundance. She believes that creating a true balance of power across the gender spectrum—globally—is the only way humans (and non-humans) will survive, and that it is our moral responsibility, as Earth’s apex predators, to protect and defend the rights of non-humans to live freely in thriving, uncompromised wilderness sanctuaries.”

In 2017, Zoe founded Cosmic Sister, a collective for progressive, eco-feminists who believe that the world’s current patriarchal model is grossly imbalanced and will continue to lead humans in a devolutionary path, eventually resulting in the destruction of life on Earth. Cosmic Sister promotes sacred plant spirit medicines as a way to “jump-start rapid cultural evolution.” The group sees this cultural evolution starting with women. Cosmic Sister provides three grants related to psychedelic feminism—the Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance, the Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis, and the merit-based immersive Plant Spirit Grant. These grants support women’s voices in cannabis and psychedelics and serve to promote journeying with sacred plants as a natural right.

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Barb is the former Editor and one of the founders of Psychedelic Science Review. She is currently a contributing writer. Her goal is making accurate and concise psychedelic science research assessable so that researchers and private citizens can make informed decisions.