Alexa Julianne, BS

Alexa Julianne Gorwin earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular, cell, and developmental biology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to her career in clinical research, she worked as a clinical laboratory scientist in oncology for eight years where performed diagnostic testing and analysis and built a solid understanding of clinical laboratory operations. Wanting to further develop her clinical knowledge, she switched careers and worked for an innovative startup as a clinical research coordinator and administrator before deciding to focus on psychedelic clinical research.

At MAPS, Alexa works as a clinical systems specialist, where she applies her scientific and data-driven background to the role as she assists clinical operations and the clinical teams. She is excited to contribute to the groundbreaking work being done at MAPS and to support the advancement of psychedelic research.

This background in clinical research supports her writing, where she provides research-based educational articles about psychedelics and their therapeutic potential in the fields of mental health and wellness.

Articles by Alexa Julianne, BS