Christian Angermayer


Christian Angermayer is a film and arts enthusiast, entrepreneur, and founder/CEO of Apeiron Investment Group Ltd. Apeiron focuses on investing in financial services (fintech, particularly cryptocurrencies), internet and technology, life sciences, media and entertainment, real estate, and natural resources. In 2018, Christain founded Presight Capital, an international venture capital fund that does early-stage investing in software, frontier technology, and biotechnology.

In his LinkedIn profile, Christian sums up his current investment interests by saying, “At the moment I am most excited about cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related business models, longevity and anti-aging technologies, aerospace technologies and new drugs for mental wellbeing and enhancement.”

Christian is also the founder of the biotech company ATAI Life Sciences. The main focus of ATAI is bringing innovation to treating mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and addiction. For example, ATAI is partnered with COMPASS Pathways in researching psilocybin for treating treatment-resistant depression.

In pursuing his passion for film and the arts (he’s produced 14 feature films, among other activities) Christian has served as chairman of Film House Germany AG since 2011. He also has a unique art collection that centers around psychedelics and entheogens.

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