William Linton

Advocate, Businessperson

William A. Linton is the CEO of Promega and treasurer of the Heffter Research Institute. He is also the founder of the Usona Insitute and serves on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Technology Council, Bruker, and ALDA (the Analytical, Life Science, and Diagnostic Association).

Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biological and Physical Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley in 1970. He went on to do post-graduate work in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Bill was given an honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Hannam University in Korea in recognition of his work toward the advancement of global technology and support of education in the field of life sciences.

In 1978, Bill founded the life science research company Promega Corporation which provides basic research, drug discovery, forensics, and clinical diagnostic services to scientists and research organizations.

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Barb is the former Editor and one of the founders of Psychedelic Science Review. She is currently a contributing writer. Her goal is making accurate and concise psychedelic science research assessable so that researchers and private citizens can make informed decisions.