MindMed and Liechti Lab Announce LSD “Off-Switch” Technology

This technology may help ease some of the concerns surrounding psychedelic therapy.

April 2020

In an April 21, 2020 press release, MindMed announced the patent filing of what they call a “neutralizer technology” that can shorten and stop a patient’s LSD trip while they are undergoing therapy. The startup psychedelic pharmaceutical company MindMed and the Liechti Lab at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, have been collaborating on the development of a new technology that may stop the effects of LSD in its tracks. This new invention may transform LSD from a long-lasting drug into a shorter-acting therapeutic compound.

The press release contains no details on the technology, such as the compounds involved, the receptors they are targeting, or other mechanisms of action. MindMed does say that the technology is “based on surprising experimental results from work and collaboration conducted in the lab.” Also, the press release indicates that although MindMed has filed a patent, the technology requires further development before using it can be marketed for use in therapy sessions.