Liechti Lab

Liechti Lab is located at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and headed by Dr. Matthias Liechti. The main focus of the lab is pharmacological research of psychedelic compounds, particularly LSD and MDMA.

Recently, Liechti Lab entered into an agreement with the psychedelic pharma company MindMed. In an April 1, 2020 MindMed press release, the companies announced a long-term partnership centered on Liechti Lab’s years of research on psychedelic compounds. Under the terms of the agreement, “MindMed gains exclusive worldwide rights to data, compounds, and patent rights associated with the Liechti laboratory’s research with LSD and other psychedelic compounds, including data from preclinical studies and eight completed or ongoing LSD clinical trials.”

Part of the technology emerging from the partnership was announced by MindMed in an April 21, 2020 press release. They announced a patent filing of what they call a “neutralizer technology” that can shorten and stop a patient’s LSD trip while they are undergoing therapy.

JR Rahn, co-founder, director, and co-CEO of MindMed told New Atlas, “The innovative and original work of the Liechti Laboratory is a treasure trove of novel data on LSD. We are just at the beginning of several significant discoveries that have the potential to further the application of psychedelics as therapeutic medicines. If developed, these discoveries will benefit both patients and therapists working in the psychedelic medicine space.