Robert Roscow


Robert Roscow is a geneticist and, as of May 2020, the Chief Science Officer of Mydecine Innovations Group. A subsidiary of NewLeaf Brands, Mydecine is a life sciences company “dedicated to the development and production of adaptive pathway medicine, natural health products all stemming from mushrooms.” Roscow graduated with a Masters in Biology in 2015 from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2011 from the same institution.

Roscow brings his talents to the mushroom business after several years of working in the cannabis industry. In addition to his position with Mydecine, he currently serves as the Director of Genetics at Victory Hemp Foods. Before that, he directed genetic research at ebbu, a subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation, the largest cannabis company in the world. At ebbu, Roscow ran the world’s first cannabis genetic editing laboratory. His work led to several patents for the manufacture of designer cannabinoids products and has earned media attention in Rolling Stone and Nature Magazine.

Roscow’s Mydecine is a syndicate composed of Mydecine Health Science, Mindleap Health, and NeuroPharm. Mydecine Health Sciences is the operational division that commercializes psychedelic mushrooms for clinical use and “fungtional™️” mushrooms for consumer use. Mindleap Health is a digital platform that connects people to mental health specialists. Neuropharm conducts Mydecine’s research and development. In July 2020, NeuroPharm announced that it would begin clinical trials to study MDMA and psilocybin as treatments for PTSD in veterans.

Roscow works out of Mydecine’s 7,500 square foot, state-of-the-art laboratory in Denver, Colorado. There, he analyzes mushrooms to identify pharmacologically valuable compounds, then selectively formulates them for reliable, uncontaminated doses. In an AP press release discussing his hire, Roscow stated,

The diversity of medical potential in fungal compounds is astounding, the synergy of this knowledge with cutting edge research and production presents a remarkable opportunity for advances in both pointed treatment of serious conditions as well as general wellness.