Joshua Falcon, MA

Joshua Falcon is a doctoral candidate of anthropology in the department of Global and Sociocultural Studies at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. His research interests center on how psychedelic experiences influence changes in subjectivity and human-environment relations.

Josh’s previous work broadly concentrates on the ethics and politics surrounding drug use. Currently, his research examines how experiences with psilocybin influence perceptions of, and behaviors towards, nonhuman plants, animals, and the environment. His dissertation also explores how psilocybin-induced experiences lead to changes in subjectivity.

Through his work, Josh hopes to contribute new understandings of how psychedelic drugs affect human relations in everyday contexts. He believes that public outreach is an essential part of academic practice, and aims to engage with wider audiences to influence changes in the cultural perception of drugs as well as reforms in drug policy.

Articles by Joshua Falcon, MA