Silo Wellness Introduces First Magic Mushroom Nasal Spray

Nasal spray formulations like this could offer precision dosing of a spectrum of psychedelic mushroom compounds to consumers.

December 2019

Silo Wellness, a Springfield, Oregon psychedelics startup, announced a “magic mushroom” metered dosing spray intended for consumer microdosing. The company claims that the nasal spray will address some of the primary issues with consuming mushrooms including dose reliabilitystomach upset and accessibility. Silo Wellness’ says their formulated product addresses an unmet need in the burgeoning field of psychedelics.

Silo Wellness is clear that their product is intended for microdosing, colloquially meaning (in regards to psychedelics) sub-perceptual dosing.  However, details about the composition of the formulation, including which compounds, the ratios between them, and the dose size have not been revealed.  Other details yet to be revealed include how variability of chemical composition across different batches of mushrooms will be addressed.