Scientists Solve Magic Mushroom Bluing Mystery

“…the blue color is due to a heterogeneous mixture of quinoid psilocyl oligomers, primarily coupled via C-5."

November 2019

Researchers at the Hans-Knöll Institute in Jena, Germany, used spectroscopy technologies to identify two enzymes in Psilocybe cubensis that lead to blue reaction products.1 The study found that PsiP (a phosphatase) and PsiL (a laccase) degrade psilocybin in a cascade reaction. This degradation prepares the psilocybin molecule for oxidative oligormization that leads to the formation of a blue compound. Specifically, PsiP removes the 4-O-phosphate group form psilocybin to form psilocin. At the same time, PsiL oxidizes the 4-hydroxy group.