Timeline of Psychedelic Scientific Studies

February 2018

NYU Begins Psilocybin-Alcoholism Study

The NYU School of Medicine starts a clinical trial to assess the effects of psilocybin-assisted therapy on people with alcohol use disorder.

September 2017

Norpsilocin is Discovered

German researchers identify norpsilocin, a new natural product of Psilocybe cubensis that originates from baeocystin.

April 1962

Good Friday Experiment Begins

The Good Friday Experiment finds that psilocybin can catalyze spiritual experiences in religious people.


CIA Begins Project MKUltra

The CIA starts Project MKUltra using human subjects to develop drugs and administration procedures to be used in interrogations.

3100 B.C.E.
- 332 B.C.E.

Ancient Egyptians Grew Psychedelic Mushrooms

Some scholars believe the ancient Egyptians grew psilocybin mushrooms on barley and that the Eye of Horus may have been the cap of an entheogenic mushroom.