Team Publishes SAR of 17 Psilocybin Analogs

The research team was led by Dr. Adam Klein

November 2020

The tryptamines used in the study were all 4-substituted N,N-di-alkyltryptamines.1 The team measured the in vitro and in vivo activity of these compounds. They conducted calcium mobilization assays for assessing functional activity at several serotonin receptor subtypes, particularly 5-HT2A. They also used the head twitch response (HTR) test in mice as a behavioral model for LSD-like psychedelic activity.

The findings of the study are summarized in a Psychedelic Science Review article published in February 2021. The researchers summarized the results by saying, “…the tryptamine derivatives have psilocybin-like pharmacological properties, supporting their classification as psychedelic drugs.”