Scientists Solve the Crystal Structures of the Iodide Salts of DMPT and DMALT

DMPT and DMALT are structural analogs of the quaternary tryptammonium toad secretion bufotenidine and the magic mushroom compound aeruginascin.

August 2020

The psychedelic research company CaaMTech publishes in Acta Crystallographic E, the crystal structures of the iodide salts of the quaternary tryptammonium compounds DMPT and DMALT.1 Chemically, the compounds are known as N,N-dimethyl-N-propyltryptammonium iodide (DMPT iodide), and N,N-dimethyl-N-allyltryptammonium iodide (DMALT iodide). Each crystal structure comprises one cation of the compound and one iodide anion.

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, CEO of CaaMTech and lead author of the study, explained that “In nature, quaternary tryptammonium compounds are present alongside their better-known tertiary amine analogs, like psilocybin or psilocin; but their pharmacology has not been studied. Adding DMPT and DMALT to CaaMTech’s library of unique tryptamines creates new opportunities for drug development and personalized medicine.”