Allied Corp.

Allied Corp. is a pharmaceutical research and development company headquartered in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Founded in 2018, Allied develops psilocybin– and cannabis-based health and wellness products that primarily target depression, anxiety and PTSD. Having carved an initial niche in the cannabis industry, the company marked its entry into the psychedelic space with its October 2020 filing of a provisional patent for a psilocybin and functional mushroom formulation and treatment regimen.

Allied was founded in 2018 by its current CEO Calum Hughes, who has a clinical and education background with experience in cannabis quality assurance processes. Its COO, Jim Bullock, has experience in cannabis cultivation and Canadian regulatory compliance. The broader corporate team represents collective expertise in the cannabis industry, medicine, business, post traumatic stress, and beyond. 

Allied operates across the value chain, from discovery and research to cultivation, processing, and distribution, with an emphasis on quality. Its cannabis products include isolated cannabinoid strains with therapeutic benefits tailored to consumer health needs. The company works to optimize yields of therapeutically active compounds in its plants which are cultivated without pesticides at a production center in Colombia. It also established a seed bank of indigenous cannabis varieties and conducts genetic research to develop new strains.

Preclinical research is supported by a partnership with Israel’s University of Haifa

Allied began Phase 1 clinical trials for its first cannabis-derived pharmaceutical products,  ALID-10 and ALID-11, in the summer of 2020. Provisional patent applications were filed for these drugs in August 2020.

The company moved into the psychedelic pharmaceutical space swiftly: After acquiring Pacific Sun Fungi in February 2021, it sought a patent for a treatment regimen involving joint psilocybin and cannabinoid formulations to treat mood disorders. Shortly after, Allied filed a trademark for Psilonex, the psilocybin pharmaceutical to be used in this protocol. By June, the company entered an agreement with HAVN Life Sciences to manufacture the drug for Phase I clinical trials with first responders, a process initiated in September 2021.