Canada’s Health Minister Grants Section 56 Exemptions for Four Late-Stage Cancer Patients

Patty Hajdu approves exemption applications filed by patients who received support and assistance from non-profit organization TheraPsil.

August 2020

Health Canada approved the Section 56 applications from four end-stage cancer patients to use psilocybin for treating their end-of-life anxiety. Bruce Tobin, a clinical psychologist and Founder and Chair of the nonprofit organization TheraPsil, was instrumental in helping the patients apply for the exemptions. In an interview with The Growth Op, the first patient treated, Thomas Hartle said, ”

I have had anxiety for so long, I had sort of forgotten what it feels like to not have it. To experience the lack of anxiety I have had this week is beyond words. It’s amazing. I have no idea how long this particular benefit will last, but so long as it’s here, it’s really, really amazing and good.