Field Trip

Field Trip is a corporation advancing the use of psychedelic therapy to “help people through an integrated, evidence-based approach to healing and thriving.” Field Trip was founded in the spring of 2019 by cannabis entrepreneurs Ronan Levy, Joseph del Moral, Hannan Fleiman, and Ryan Yermus, as well as solar industry management professional Mujeeb Jafferi. Its Medical Advisory Board includes famed integrative medicine advocate Dr. Andrew Weil. In a press release, Dr. Weil stated,

More and more, we are seeing that the mind plays an essential role in medicine and healing and Field Trip is at the forefront of revolutionizing mental, emotional and behavioral health through psychedelic therapies.

Field Trip is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and is composed of three divisions: 

Field Trip Health, the company’s flagship enterprise, represents a network of upscale ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinics. It opened its first three clinics in 2020 in Toronto, New York City, and Los Angeles. Field Trip Health plans to expand to 75 clinics within four years and is poised to broaden its offerings to different therapeutic psychedelics as they become legally available. The company has early sights set on Oregon due to the state’s passage of ballot Measure 109, the Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative

Field Trip Discovery is the research division focused on next-generation psychedelic drug development. Psychedelic Science Review covered the division’s opening of the world’s first magic mushroom research center in Jamaica. The center aims to improve the predictability of trips by quantifying the psychedelic properties of mushrooms and identifying opportunities to expand Field Trip’s IP portfolio. In a November 2019 interview with Reality Sandwich, Ronan Levy expressed that the goal is to develop “the standard procedures and protocols to produce consistently high-quality psilocybin producing mushrooms that are safe and would pass all analytical testing standards, that may apply to the cannabis industry, for instance.” 

Field Trip Digital develops complementary digital tools to enhance the benefits of psychedelic experiences.

A Model for Mainstreaming Psychedelic Therapy

Field Trip Health’s model offers a customized, step-by-step therapeutic approach targeted mainly toward clients experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. The first step is a consultation with the clinic team to determine the approach’s suitability for the client. During the preparation step, the treatment process is reviewed, and the client is given at-home exercises. 

Next is treatment, which involves the administration of ketamine-enhanced psychotherapy sessions over several weeks. Field Trip’s website explains to prospective clients that they use lower doses of ketamine –in nasal spray esketamine form– that “can relax your mind and allow you to temporarily disengage from your routine thought patterns.” 

The third step is integration, wherein the client and therapist process the experience and co-create a tailored, behavior-oriented post-treatment plan.

Finally, clients continue their journey aided by resources, including virtual access to Field Trip’s clinical team and digital progress tracking. One such tool is the Field Trip Digital’s Trip phone app, designed to complement “consciousness expanding experiences” through intention-setting and journaling exercises, mood tracking, personalized music, and more. Trip has been featured in WIRED, Business Insider, MarketWatch, and other esteemed outlets. 

The Trip application is but one among Field Trip’s assortment of social media initiatives. In June 2020, the company launched the Field Tripping podcast “about epic personal, spiritual, and business journeys,” hosted by Executive Chairman Ronan Levy. 

Field Trip’s website also hosts webinars as well as a blog about psychedelics.

Field Trip went public in October 2020 and is traded on the Canadian stock exchange.