Braxia Scientific

Braxia Scientific was founded in 2018 and was known as Champignon Brands until officially rebranding in May 2021. 

Primarily, Braxia operates multidisciplinary clinics through its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Canadian Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence (CRTCE).  The clinics house research efforts and provide evidence-based psychedelic treatments for mental health concerns, beginning with intravenous and intranasal ketamine. Canada’s first community-based intravenous ketamine center was established by Braxia. The company also owns Wellness Clinic, a ketamine infusion center in southern California – and its first in the US. 

At the time of rebranding, Braxia also announced a partnership with Neurotherapy Montreal to expand its reach to Montreal. According to the press release, the new clinic “provide[s] treatment to patients diagnosed with injuries that also result in major depression and several mood disorders, making them potential candidates for novel ketamine therapy.”

Roger McIntyre, Braxia’s CEO, co-authored a ketamine and esketamine treatment guide published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.1 In an interview with Proactive from May 2021, McIntyre asserted that “[IV and intranasal ketamine] “are the only two modalities that have robust evidence of efficacy and safety.” Clinical research done through CRTCE published in two June 2020 studies evidenced ketamine’s therapeutic effects in treating depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety symptoms, and suicidal ideation.2,3

In December 2021, Braxia began dosing participants in Health Canada-approved trials investigating psilocybin’s efficacy against Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Beyond its clinical services, Braxia is working with Dalriada Drug Discovery to develop a new chemical entity (NCE) IP portfolio with novel formulations of ketamine and psychedelic compound derivatives.

In May 2021, the company launched Braxia Institute, which offers psilocybin-assisted therapy training to practitioners

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