Levitee Labs

Levitee Labs is a wellness and biotechnology company invested in shifting mental health treatment paradigms by “integrating evidence-based complementary medicines and novel psychedelic therapies” into existing treatment infrastructure. 

Levitee, which was founded in 2020, is headquartered in Vancouver and led by former investment banker Pouya Farmand. It entered the psychedelic space in the summer of 2021 with an “aggressive mergers and acquisitions strategy,” targeting assets such as existing clinics and dietary supplement lines.

As of January 2021, the company operates six clinical sites – Levitee Clinics – and three specialized Levitee Pharmacies. The clinics provide more than 30,000 patients in Alberta with a variety of treatments for addiction and chronic pain, including ketamine therapy. Levitee boasts short wait times, comprehensive team care, and assistance in securing financial aid at its sites.

Levitee owns a mushroom feedstock supply facility, retailing sterilized grain and substrates for customer cultivation under the brand name Sporeo. The company’s MONKE Nutraceuticals line launched in 2021. In addition to functional, “artisanal” mushroom blends, the company is developing a product with a psychedelic element that will be available where legal. Levitee also owns Ojio, Earth Shift, and Earth Circle Organics, all direct-to-consumer brands of health foods and supplements. 

A new Medical Advisory Board was introduced in January 2021.