Ketamine One

Ketamine One is a “next-generation wellness company” focused on expanding access to breakthrough ketamine-assisted therapies and other psychedelic medicines via clinical care, technology, and research initiatives. Adam Deffett became the company’s interim CEO in summer of 2021. 

Though headquartered in Vancouver, Ketamine One owns a growing network of clinics – including some veteran-focused sites – across North America. It acquired its 16th clinic in December 2021, intending to eventually expand to 30.

Ketamine One is certified to administer Spravato, an esketamine nasal spray, to treat patients with anxiety and depression. Its clinics will also offer IV ketamine and other forms of ketamine-assisted therapy and are equipped to provide other psychedelic medicines such as psilocybin and MDMA once they’re approved. The company uses Cognetivity’s assessment technology (called Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA)) with patients to assess changes in their cognitive ability after treatment.

The company also develops digital therapeutic technologies to complement psychedelic therapies, such as a wearable device that tracks vitals before, during, and after treatments, and virtual reality to enhance treatment experience.

Ketamine One’s research work is carried out through its fully owned subsidiary, KGK Science. KGK is a premium contract research firm offering trial design, recruitment, execution, publications, and data analysis services. Areas of study have included PTSD, pain, and depression relapse. KGK is led by Najla Guthrie, who also serves as Ketamine One’s Chief Science Officer.