DemeRx is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing the psychedelic drug ibogaine and its metabolite noribogaine to treat opioid addiction. The company was founded in 2010 by pioneering ibogaine researcher Dr. Deborah Mash, who is DemeRx’s CEO. She discovered the noribogaine molecule and has conducted more than 20 years’ worth of clinical research with ibogaine. This work has yielded dozens of patents pertaining to ibogaine, noribogaine, and their derivatives.

DemeRx’s ibogaine product is intended for “medically assisted detoxification,” while noribogaine is targeted as a short-term adjunct to therapy for those in early recovery. It is also developing noribogaine combination treatments for pain management. Mash et al.’s 2018 review paper suggested that a single oral dose of ibogaine could support those facing drug addiction in transitioning to sobriety. The study was cited in a Psychedelic Science Review article which summarizes ibogaine’s pharmacology. 

ATAI Life Sciences will partner with DemeRx to run Phase I/IIa trials evaluating the effects of ibogaine hydrochloride in recreational drug users. In a press release, Dr. Mash stated, “Our clinical trial authorization is a critical milestone. Stage 1 of the study will provide an assessment of safety through the evaluation of ibogaine’s potential adverse effects before we move to the proof-of-concept efficacy portion of our study in patients who seek to detoxify from opioids” 

Srinivas Rao, co-founder and CSO of ATAI added, “This approval allows DemeRx to progress clinical research beyond the previously published uncontrolled studies with ibogaine into well-designed, controlled studies in support of regulatory processes.” 

DemeRx won the 2018 Rising Star Award at the Swedish American Life Sciences Summit.

More about ibogaine and DemeRx’s work can be found in recent interviews with Dr. Mash, including from PsyTechGlobal’s 2020 Virtual Summit, a Business Trip FM podcast, and a New Health Club episode.

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