Entheon Biomedical Corporation

Entheon is a biomedical company using proprietary science, research, and methodology to develop psychedelic medicines that treat addiction and mental health challenges. Their mission is to “significantly improve the odds of beating addiction for people who otherwise might not.” They collaborate with international leaders in the psychedelic medicine space to validate and improve their work. For example, members of Entheon’s Advisory Board include Matthew Johnson, Robin Carhart-Harris, Dennis McKenna, Michael Walker, Christopher Timmermann, Malin Uthaug, Kenneth Tupper, and Nancy Maher.

Entheon’s focus is on pure DMT because it is generally well-tolerated and has few adverse effects. Its effects are also less intense, shorter in duration, and happen more gradually compared to other drugs in its class. The company boasts a unique delivery system that titrates DMT into the patient, offering them a more gradual, comfortable transition into a state of altered consciousness. Titrated administration also allows the clinician to more easily and safely manage the therapy process. 

Entheon is also developing a “patient-centric” and personalized treatment system that uses genetic and predictive data analysis to tailor and optimize treatment safety before treatment begins. Through a partnership with Divergence NeuroTech, Entheon has developed a biomarker response platform that is powered by AI and machine learning. The platform provides treatment recommendations, real-time feedback during a psychedelic experience, and enables post-treatment patient support. Similar advanced biomarker technology was commercialized through a June 2021 launch of a Psychedelic Genetic Test Kit by Entheon’s subsidiary, HaluGen Life Sciences. According to the press release, the kit informs users about their “sensitivity to psychedelics and ketamine….[and] provides insights into the short and long-term potential of psychedelic-induced risks, such as psychosis.”

The company intends to begin a preclinical safety and toxicology trial with Science in Action, an Israeli research organization, in 2021. The objective is to “determine the acute toxicity of IV doses of DMT in a 14-day in vivo study.” A phase 1/2A equivalent clinical trial with the Centre for Human Drug Research in the Netherlands is also planned for 2021. This study aims to establish a “pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessment” of Good Manufacturing Practice-formulated DMT fumarate “in otherwise healthy adult nicotine users.”