Undesirable Effects from Magic Mushrooms

There’s nausea, paralysis, and fatigue to name a few.


Psilocybin mushrooms (aka magic mushrooms) are known to have a wide range of subjective effects on the user. Some of the primary effects are part of the psychedelic and mystical experiences these mushroom cause such as a distorted sense of time, visual and auditory hallucinations, and a feeling of oneness or a connection to nature and the universe. The subjective effects of magic mushrooms can be highly variable and depend on which compounds are in the mushrooms, how much of each compound is present, the part of the mushroom that is ingested, the dosage, metabolism of the user, the entourage effect, and the set and setting of their psychedelic experience.

Some of the short-term side effects of ingesting magic mushrooms are described as undesirable, unpleasant, or uncomfortable. For some users, these effects are related to their psychedelic experience. For example, a person may visualize they are running away from something which causes an increase in their heart rate. However, this can be an undesirable and distracting effect for someone having a more peaceful experience.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the exact cause(s) of these undesirable effects, their intensity, and why some people may not experience them at all. Research into the individual compounds in magic mushrooms would go a long way toward understanding how they work in the human body and the metabolic pathways they use (In addition to psilocybin and psilocin, magic mushrooms can also contain baeocystin, norbaeocystin, aeruginascin, and phenethylamine). It is reasonable to think that with more in-depth understanding, many of these undesirable effects could be reduced or even eliminated by creating formulations using specific magic mushroom compounds.

Here is a sampling of some undesirable effects of magic mushrooms that are frequently mentioned in experience reports and discussion posts on websites like the Shroomery, Reddit, Erowid and Bluelight.

Bad Taste

“Though this is something to be expected, I couldn’t help but be disgusted by the disgusting texture and even fouler taste.”

“We talked about how nasty the shrooms tasted. The day before the trip we each tried a little piece and that didn’t really taste bad, it was much like the usual mushrooms you have on your pizza. But when you have to 30 grams of it, though, they DO taste nasty. Only one word could describe their taste: horrid.”

[smoking dried cubies] “I packed a bubbler full of mushrooms, which I packed in there tight. My girlfriend and I smoked up the whole bowl, it tasted disgusting, but… not all drugs taste good. It tasted sort of like burning hair and cheese, almost enough to make me nauseous.”

“The taste isn’t exactly gourmet, but it really isn’t so bad. I like the taste of store bought mushrooms however.  Dry, smell like old shoes, taste like nothing until rehydrated; then they’re nasty, texture isn’t bad, like bark or little pieces of wood. Fresh smell good, taste ok, but the texture is horrible, especially the cap.”

“I found that in the beginning I didn’t mind mushrooms at all, but now I can’t stand the taste of them. disgusts me.”


“My trips are almost ruined from the overwhelming nausea, I can’t even walk for periods of time without running back to my bed, even as I’m talking I start to gage (sic). As far as watching t.v. or using my computer or phone, I can never look at it for more than one second without getting overwhelmed with the urge to puke.”

“Every racing thought appears as a powerful visualisation in my minds eye. I am laying on my bed, the nausea is bearable, as long as I don’t move or sit up.”

“I was fully immersed in the experience at this point, but still fighting ever-increasing waves of nausea. I was trying to keep everything in my stomach for as long as I could manage, but I had the intuition that eventually I would just have to jettison everything.”

“I’ve been taking shrooms recently, but can never get a good high in fear of puking!”

“When I first started using mushrooms my typical dose was 3-4g and the nausea was present but relatively bearable. Basically the more mushroom matter I have to ingest the worse the nausea gets and it can last the entire trip.”

Paralysis/Wood Lover Paralysis

“The ‘paralysis’ manifested as waves of losing most of the motor control of my limbs. If I was standing one minute, I was crumpled on the floor flailing about the next.”

“First noticeable symptoms are blurred vision, hand cramping/numbness, then loss of facial/mouth movement followed by having a hard time walking then full loss of the ability to walk properly or even stand period.”

“I have had severe paralysis on ps cyanescens to the point I had to hit the floor because my muscles just gave out.”

“I was fine that night. The next morning I woke up and was having a hard time focusing my eyes and felt very uncoordinated….All of a sudden I completely lost control of both legs, and my hands got seized up weird and stuff. I was in the middle of the road in the campground paralyzed. My mind was clear but I couldn’t get up no matter how many times I tried….My hands were seized up and my face was numb and the muscles unresponsive for up to a couple of hours and it went away.”

“Not full on paralysis, but I did realize how wobbly and weak my muscles were feeling under me.”

“I got half way to the kitchen and suddenly my legs felt like they were going to collapse. I sat down for 5 minutes, got up again, walked for a bit- and then my legs DID collapse. It was a little scary because I felt clear headed, there was no pain or numbness… just non-functional legs.”

“I collapsed in the middle of a field. I couldn’t walk 5 blocks. My co-tripper couldn’t smile the next day. I have experienced many muscular problems on these two species [Psilocybe cyanescens and Psilocybe azurescens]. They effect these muscle parts/groups: eye, facial, esophageal, hand and leg…. I have never had similar effects on [cubensis].”

“My friend … would try to stand up and his legs would collapse like jelly….he was also getting weird facial contractions where his mouth would distort similar to a mentally disabled person.”

“One time walking to the bathroom was a massive struggle, I probably looked like I had cerebral palsy… and once I did make it to the bathroom, I couldn’t even raise my arms more than a few inches, and my legs were trembling, barely holding my weight. My vision was blurred, and when I looked in the mirror, I was literally slightly cross-eyed with one pupil still heavily dilated and the other in a normal state (lol).”

Excessive Yawning

“Some trips I yawn so much I get the jaw equivalent of a charlie-horse.”

“Yawns are to shrooms what farts are to beer.”

“When the trip is coming up I seem to yawn for no reason, it doesn’t feel as “satisfying” as a normal yawn … it’s like I’m just opening my mouth really wide for no reason.”

“I yawn contagiously every time I trip on mushrooms, I can be running through the woods playing with shit, be wide awake and I am yawning. I remember one time me and a friend yawned together the whole night, every time I yawned he yawned and we would laugh. Fun times. Sometimes it bugs me, but I have no idea how to stop it.”

“Even microdosing I’ll get them, and I’m tired of yawning so much on days I dose!”


“I once had a batch that made me so unbelievably fatigued that I couldn’t stand. I spent an entire trip in the same position(not exaggerating at all). I wasn’t really just spacing out, I just couldn’t stand.”

“They [magic mushrooms] often make me feel physically exhausted. I’ve read and heard that muscle aches and ‘noodling’ are common experiences, but it’s getting to the point that it really affects my trip. I’ve tripped many times without feeling fatigued at all, so I imagine there is some way to combat this side effect.”

“The last few times I’ve done magic mushrooms I’ve had really bad fatigue on the comedown.“

“During the first 2 hours after taking cubes I feel really tired, weak and very sleepy, also I get very cold. I feel so tired that I have to lay down in my bed and wait until the onset is over. Then, after the first 2 hours, I usually start to feel better and lightweight.”

“I get really tired, but I found the tea made my shrooms really weak and got really nothing out of them. I get lathargic (sic) with endless yawns and I want to melt into everything.”

“I get pretty lethargic on shrooms, and just wanna chill, or walk around very slowly. It happens every time, even when I plan on going for a long-ish walk, I just end up sitting on a bench for most of the time.”

“I find that for me at least, the dosage plays a part. I know that when I eat an eighth or less, I have much more energy. While if a large dose is consumed, my body gets very tired and heavy and I usually just like to lay there.”

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1 year ago

Has there been medical studies of what causes these effects? I have a bit of understanding of physiology (I have a training in naturopathy) and from what I’ve experienced and understood, the fatigue and weakness could come from low blood pressure. Mushrooms can behave as diuretics and the loss of fluid may cause hypotension and difficulty standing up. It could also cause feeling cold: loss of fluid, weaker blood flow —> feeling cold. One odd thing that helps deal with a lot of those issues of feeling weak, fatigue, nausea (to some extent) and low blood pressure is earthing/grounding. It’s… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  Caroline

This is misinformation. It is consensus currently that there is no electromagnetic sensitivity because of double blind studies in individuals. If you would love to converse with me however the lack of information in the subject is disturbing and irritates me due to my advocation for these studies to be considered for depression and motivational problems!

Last edited 1 month ago by Chase
1 year ago

Many years ago I used to take P. cyanescens occasionally, usually by drying, pulverizing and mixing with something like grapefruit juice. Once and a while I would just eat them, though that is not recommended. What did I know? 😉 It only bothered my stomach once, and that was very temporary. I did no mushrooms of any kind for at least 20 years, but two years ago someone gave me some cyanescens again. I had been reading about microdosing, and tried it a few times (a small amount of powdered dried raw mushroom), just to the point of an extremely… Read more »

11 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Interesting . I’ve similar problems with the mushrooms. I’ve taken them in a tea form and it’s made no difference. Strangely the one thing that does alleviate the problem (nausea for the whole trip with accompanying anxiety for the first hour after on-set) , is alcohol. A couple of drinks before I ingesting and I’m fine. It doesn’t negatively impact the benefits of the plants at all , unless you drink too much and crash out. I’m pretty sure the problem is a biochemical reaction in the digestion system somewhere , possibly the gut. From my POV it’s nothing to… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Diarmuid

So how much is too much. Like just a beer, a mixed drink or a shot.

Tim Hitt
6 months ago
Reply to  Diarmuid

I got incredibly sick once from drinking on mushrooms then I read the 2 mixed are poisonous

14 days ago
Reply to  Bob

Try blue juice if you have fresh ones

tara m erickson
10 months ago

But the paralysis went away right

7 months ago

It appears that p.cubensis seems to have the least negative side affects. It’s the only ones I’ve ever tried (perhaps due to my region) and I had no idea mushrooms can cause paralysis.

7 months ago

My boyfriend took shrooms 3 days ago and is having really bad stomach pains and spasms is that normal or should he be worried?

Joseph Kobakhidze
4 months ago
Reply to  Qwenisha

how did it end up? What was the reason, did you find it out eventually?

6 months ago

When you eat a bag of cashews, you will have undesirable effects, but when you eat only one or two cashews, you’ll be fine. Food abuse is the culprit.

Amanda Pablo
5 months ago

A few friends and myself ate Shrooms a few days ago. I ate around 7g , My friend girl ate.1 , and our friend D ate 5 g or more. We had an amazing trip. However, even days later. D is suffering from lots of brain fog and feeling “ lost” or unable to focus or decide on any given thing. I’ve had this feeling from acid but never shrooms. He’s afraid it’s permanent but I thought It wasn’t that uncommon.i feel that way for days sometimes after a great trip. Has anyone experienced this or know if it is… Read more »

5 months ago
Reply to  Amanda Pablo

of course it’s not. but 5gs is quite a lot, so it may take a while (like up to a week id guess)

4 months ago
Reply to  Amanda Pablo

Is diarrhea and sleeping normal 2 days after I also feel like I don’t feel my chest anymore since the trip started to rn is this normal?

4 months ago
Reply to  Amanda Pablo

Yuh took some three days ago and I feel.the same as well as more senstive but shrooms just do that thr more you keep going on each day the less he’ll think about it and go to normal sometimes these effects just last a while but if it might help in like mentally to go to the doc so he wont be so paraniod

5 months ago

what can one do if those effects don’t pass? how to treat?
Thank you for the artical

5 months ago

A certain people was wondering what type name, of these mind boggling veggies you be taking ,if possible a pic woUd be outstanding..

5 months ago

Has anyone experienced pressure in the mouth and face after a shroom trip?

2 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Yes! It’s happened to me a few times before, and it feels super intense. I think it usually happens when I am trying to hide / suppress something.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anon

Omg, was just reading and glad I’m not alone! Took them for the first time two days ago. Great time but pressure in my mouth and jaw! Did them again last night & same thing. Still feeling residual a little bit but ibuprofen helped a lot.

Jeremy Howell
2 months ago
Reply to  Anon

I experience rarely any side effects
I’m usually just feeling like woah…

4 months ago

I found that the negative effects can vary from person to person, and when abusing the substance, you will eventually bump into one or two effects that scare the shit out of you. Myself, i’ve done plenty of experimenting with LSD (only a couple of times) and P.Cubensis (to the point i was growing my own and having a trip every month-or-so.) I’ve always experienced the full effects, and, with maybe one or two exceptions, enjoyed them every single time. Until fate struck, and i suddenly got something that felt like a stroke. Well, it didn’t really feel like it,… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  JoJo

Seems like you experienced normal tripping effects: Copper/mettalic taste is very normal. Difficulties in speaking can be very normal (not being able to explain anything/making up your own words and language/completely not understanding the meaning of words and things). I don’t know about the numb feeling in your arm.. but feeling all around numb is also normal. Some trips you can have less visuals and more body high, some trips are completely reversed. Nothing to worry about, trips can be very differerent. As long as you aren’t psychotic or something, you shouldn’t worry too much. But if you don’t feel… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by 123456789
1 month ago
Reply to  JoJo

If there’s one thing psychedelics have taught me is acceptance. Things like that happen or bad trips I literally just sit there and deal with it or go lay down. In it for the long haul and the drug is gonna do what ever its gonna do just gotta always remember its just the drugs and its temporary and you have to just go with what ever is happening to you. It’s when you fight it that things start to go wrong.

3 months ago

I started off taking Liberty Caps a few years ago and was slowly increasing my dose and also started fasting for a 6 hours or more before taking them. Got upto 4g of liberty caps and decided to take another 2 g after an hour or 2. All was going well until i started getting a horrible pain in my legs which at the time i didnt worry about too much but i now believe was bloood pooling in my legs. I didnt panic as i have had multiple collapsed lungs where i couldnt breathe properly, a couple of bad… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Rich
2 months ago

In my own experience (8 or 9 trips over several years) undesirable effects may always be controlled by my attitude and my environment (including who I am with and their attitude and state of mind (is this the entourage effect?)). I’ve never felt overwhelmed by discomfort, and have always been able to choose the direction of my trip. (Though taste doesn’t appeal to me, it also doesn’t bother me. It’s just part of the experience!) I’ve never experienced paralysis or loss of motor control while on cubensis, but I’ve also never eaten more than 5 or 6 grams (dry) at… Read more »

2 months ago

When my husband takes shrooms , he vocalizes every dream-thought in his sleep. If he’s about to roll over or move, he signals with a loud sigh first, and talks incoherently all night. Even his breathing is accentuated with more sound (not breathing harder, just putting noise into it). Is there some mechanism that connects thoughts with vocalization?

1 month ago

On a microdose right now. Seems to affect me if I don’t eat food. Sitting here having a bit of an anxiety attack. Decided to read this article. The guy who mentions getting up and going to the bathroom and looking Iike he had cerebral palsy made me laugh lol I also get loss of motor function but that isn’t until the high starts wearing off. I remember I was at a festival with my ex and we’d been eating shroons all day. By the end of the night she wanted to keep going and I literally couldn’t. I couldn’t… Read more »

1 month ago

i tasted a shroom i didn’t eat it & minutes later it felt like i was finna pass out my heart was raising & my head was feeling bumpy & my feat were feeling heavy

1 month ago

Funny..I took mushrooms 2 days ago, thank God I had nothing to do the next day cuz I was very fatigued/ still am I slept the whole next day away

1 month ago

I ate mushrooms 3 days In a row, like less than a gram each time. Then took a gram 2 days after. And my stomach hurts since that last time. It’s been 10 days and seems like it wont go away. Any ideas what i can do? Besides seeing a doctor which i will tomorrow..
i’m a little scared that i might hurt myself badly. I’ve had much more doses before but not days in a row..

26 days ago

I took shrooms a few months back. I did have an interesting trip. But one thing I’m worried about is that my arms started moving without me making them movr. They were moving to the rythm of the music I had on. I was conscious they were moving, but I didn’t make them move if that makes any sense. Anyone had similar experiences?

25 days ago

I have taken shrooms recreationally a few times, just a little bit to enhance festivals/concerts with no ill effect. I decided to start growing my own to explore microdosing. When I microdose, I don’t notice anything at the time except feeling more positive overall, long term has help enormously with depression. But when I take more than 500 gm (to have a psychedelic experience,) I have consistently experienced EXTREME itching on my face, in my ears and eyes. It literally feels like a pack of invisible mosquitoes are attacking my face and ears, it is boreline unbearable. Also, I cannot… Read more »

16 days ago
Reply to  Danielle

about a month ago, i took 2.5 or blue meanie, and few hits of sativa, I was feeling like i couldnt control my lungs, felt as if i was gna die, guess it was ego dissolving, but i had the bad face nose and ear itching, which made my trip almost go super bad.. ive nvr experiebced this before..

H Clarkson
13 days ago

I have crazy head tingling that goes down my neck and back. I started microdosing about 6 weeks ago, for depression that nothing has remedied for the last 35 years, I had no side effects. A couple weeks ago I added a lions mane supplement. A few days later I started getting weird sensations like someone was sneakily picking up parts of my hair and it moved around my head. It got intense so I stopped yhe.lions.mane and it has decreased a lot. Now it just feels weirder but less intense and goes down my back shoulder and tons much… Read more »

Sam Hangman
3 days ago

The different strains of mushrooms all have a different dosage level depending on the potency of the species you are eating find out what type you’re eating and research it first some types of mushrooms are 3 times more potent than p. cubensis so you don’t have to eat that much of them cutting down on the quantity of disgusting mushrooms you have to eat to get desired result. Also getting them in capsules helps with the taste too if you don’t mind swallowing a whole bunch of pills. Marijuana helps with the nausea. And always have water near by… Read more »

Last edited 3 days ago by Sam Hangman