Christopher M. Teske, BS

Christopher Teske believes strongly in the potential of modern science to address the questions that remain regarding psychedelics and hopes to democratize this exciting research by making it more accessible through his commentary. He is driven by a strong desire to transcend the stigmas surrounding drug use, and feels that harm reduction, education, and a rational approach will aid in maximizing the healing potential of psychedelics.

Christopher is a recent graduate from Wayne State University, where he focused his coursework on cellular biology and pharmacology, having obtained a B.S. in biology. He was also involved in research using vital signs as a prognostic indicator for outcomes in depressive disorders following ketamine infusion therapy. Christopher’s principle is to better understand the mechanisms of action through which psychedelics mediate their possible therapeutic effects.

Christopher is a deeply curious person and enjoys reading books—mainly philosophy and poetry—alongside staying abreast with the scientific literature. When not writing or studying, he can be found cycling, practicing meditation and yoga, or tending to his cacti. Christpher is also active in his community, promoting harm reduction, health, and personal agency in substance use.

Articles by Christopher M. Teske, BS