Norpsilocin is a recently discovered derivative of psilocybin.  Scientists at the Hans-Knöll Institute in Jena, Germany isolated it from the psychedelic mushroom (aka magic mushroom) Psilocybe cubensis.1 The researchers defined the structure of norpsilocin using 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy.

The researchers also developed a new extraction method that prevents dephosphorylation of the mushroom chemicals so the true metabolic profile of Psilocybe can be determined. From this, they call norpsilocin a “natural product” of the Psilocybe mushroom and go on to say,

It likely represents the actual psychotropic agent liberated from its 4-phosphate ester derivative, the known natural product baeocystin.

To put it another way, the researchers propose that norpsilocin is made from baeocystin (see structure below) when it is dephosphorylated in the body.

Little is known about norpsilocin, including whether it is an active compound, and no research is being done to further understanding of it.

  1. Lenz C, Wick J, Hoffmeister D. Identification of ω-N-Methyl-4-hydroxytryptamine (norpsilocin) as a Psilocybe natural product. Journal of Natural Products. 2017;80(10):2835-2838. doi:10.1021/acs.jnatprod.7b00407