PharmaTher is a clinical stage biotechnology company based in Toronto. Founded in 2019, PharmaTher works on research, development, and commercialization of new psychedelic drugs and novel administration methods to treat brain and nervous system problems. The company uses panaceAI™, an artificial intelligence drug repurposing platform, to facilitate its discovery process. 

Currently, the most advanced product in PharmaTher’s pipeline is its use of ketamine as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. It entered phase two clinical studies for this application in October 2021. The company is also exploring ketamine’s potential to preserve muscle function, and therefore increase life expectancy, in ALS patients. FDA granted Orphan Drug status for this application of ketamine, which will be developed through an exclusive license with the University of Kansas. PharmaTher plans to begin commercializing ketamine in 2022.

PharmaTher is working with Revive Therapeutics on an intradermal microneedle patch that administers low-dose (“MicroDose-MN™”)  psilocybin. Their initial success will be used to support the PharmaTher IND application to the Food and Drug Administration. A July 2021 press release announcing the company’s patent application filing for intradermal administration stated that PharmaTher’s “intellectual property portfolio includes 19 granted patent and patent applications filed in over 150 countries.” Also being studied is the ability of the microneedle patch — which has also been developed in a MacroDose-MN™ form — to deliver other psychedelic medicines, including ketamine (using hydrogel-forming microneedle technology), MDMA, LSD, and DMT (using dissolving microneedle technology). The company intends to study the patch’s compatibility with ibogaine and mescaline as well. 

As of Fall 2021, PharmaTher is preparing for Phase 2 clinical trials to assess its proprietary ketamine and betaine formulation KETABET™ for the treatment of depression.